Meet the team: Johan Lemmen

My name is Johan Lemmen and I’m working for Nutrifeed for 20 years now. Currently I’m responsible for the R&D and Marketing disciplines. As a farmer’s son I’m born and raised between the animals. So already during my childhood I learned about animal husbandry and all challenges which come with that. After my graduation for me it was most logical to start working in the agriculture industry. At that time I moved to Germany where I first worked as a farm manager and after that entered the feed industry where I advised professional farms on nutritional challenges. After 5 years I returned tot the Netherlands and start working for Nutrifeed. Until today I very much enjoy working for Nutrifeed because I believe I can really make a difference in the performance of the, very sensitive, young calf. I also know that I therewith can make the difference for the farmer and the dairy industry and work on a more profitable and sustainable milk and meat production.