Kalvolac will still be Kalvolac

With the intended sale of Nutrifeed to Denkavit, Kalvolac, that for 60 years have been a part of FrieslandCampina and its predecessors, will also be given a place in the Denkavit group.

No change

This move will have no noticeable effect for the distributors and customers of our Kalvolac milk powders. After all, our products and service will remain unchanged. They will still be produced using the dairy flows from FrieslandCampina. The recipes and the quality will be kept intact and the advice and guidance available will also remain fully in place. The products can even be ordered via the same contact persons and at the same distributor. In other words, Kalvolac will still be Kalvolac: calf milk powders produced from milk supplied by members of the FrieslandCampina cooperative.

Factory in Veghel

The production of all our products will remain at the Nutrifeed factory in Veghel, and all 70 employees will remain in their positions. Even the ingredients will still come from FrieslandCampina, so that we can continue to supply exactly what you are used to receiving from us.

Increased innovative capacity

However, the switch to Denkavit will increase the innovative capacity available to Nutrifeed and Kalvolac. By joining forces, new opportunities will emerge for Kalvolac for faster innovation, intensive research work into new concepts and expanding our practical testing programme. The overall goal continues to be rearing healthy calves, with the best possible results. And our goal remains to continuously improve, wherever things can be done better. For healthier calves, for healthier profitable farms. For a good life for people and animals.