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Healthy airways mean that animals perform well. “To keep the fires burning, you need oxygen,” explained veterinarian Niels Geurts from the Netherlands.

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It is difficult to assess calf growth when the animals are still young. The rate of growth is even more difficult to estimate during the period from the start through to the moment they are placed on grates. Read more for tips from our specialist.

In the judgement of young cattle specialist Ger van Wersch, among calves suffering from nutrition-based diarrhea, everything should be focused on re-establishing a calm gastrointestinal tract.

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Transporting young calves and placing them in a new environment with calves from other farms represents a huge health challenge. Veterinarian Niels Geurts of the Thewi veterinary practice in The Netherlands sees the consequences of the process on a daily basis and points out the areas for improvement in calf rearing on dairy farms.

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As the outside temperature falls, it is important to keep calves warm. Cold consumes energy which is then not available for growth. Young cattle specialist Johan Verdaasdonk shares tips to prevent a growth dip by cold weather.

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From the straw pen to lying boxes is always a big change for calves. From a warm bed of straw where they can lie together, they need to learn to settle down in the individual pens.