Kalvolac versus cow’s milk. Myths and facts

Many stories circulate about feeding Kalvolac, calf milk replacer instead of cow’s milk. Let’s review the myths and the facts!


Cow’s milk is from mother nature and hence best to feed to the young calves.
> This is not true as in the last decades dairy cows have been genetically selected and fed to produce more milk with a high fat percentage, which is profitable for the factory. For the calf, too much fat causes digestion ­problems with diarrhea as result. The more liters produced results in a lower concentration of vitamins and minerals present in the milk. Vitamins play a very important role in the development of the immune system of a young calf. Therefore, a lack of vitamins means a lower resistance of the calf.

Cow’s milk is always cheaper to feed. I do not have to buy it as I have it already on farm.
> Better is to compare the price per liter of Kalvolac with the price of a liter milk delivered to the factory. Next to the price, Kalvolac provides your calves with additional health benefits which means stronger calves, the basis for healthy and productive cows.

Kalvolac is difficult to use.
> In only 3 steps you can prepare Kalvolac! And thanks to its outstanding physical properties, it is suitable for manual and automatic feeding. Due to its unique dairy composition, Kalvolac can be used directly after colostrum.


Kalvolac is of constant quality and free of pathogens.
> Kalvolac is based on high quality whey protein from milk produced by our own FrieslandCampina farmers. We control the whole supply chain which allows us to produce a reliable product. The optimal ratio of proteins and fats contribute to increased youth growth and rumen development. In addition, Kalvolac is free of pathogens, which excludes the risk of vertical transmission of diseases.

Kalvolac allows for an earlier first calving.
> Kalvolac contributes to a better rumen development. This results in an increased growth rate and increased robustness, which means that a calf can be inseminated earlier. In overall, rearing costs will be lower as the heifer will start giving milk at a younger age.

Kalvolac contains health promoting components.
> Kalvolac contains our registered health concept IMAGRO. IMAGRO is a mixture of pre-biotics (GOS), pro-biotics (enterococcus faecium) and organic acids. IMAGRO contributes to an optimal intestinal health and by this to a minimal use of antibiotics and reduced mortality rate.