Keeping warm is very important! Feeling cold? Put the calf in a bodywarmer

As the outside temperature falls, it is important to keep calves warm. Cold consumes energy which is then not available for growth. The ration of powdered milk, pellets, roughage and water does not provide enough energy. “In cold weather, make sure the calves are unable to escape from their igloos, by placing a gate at the entrance,” recommended Johan Verdaasdonk, young cattle ­specialist at Nutrifeed. “Feed them inside their igloo, where it is warmer.”
A calf blanket, a bodywarmer for calves, is a useful addition when temperatures fall below 10 degrees Celsius. It prevents the calves having to use energy to keep warm, explained Johan. “When you cover them with a blanket, make sure the calves are dry,” he added. “And check regularly that they are not sweating.” Wait until the temperature once again rises above 10 degrees before removing the blankets.

A calf blanket is worthwhile at any temperature below 10 degrees