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Many stories circulate about feeding Kalvolac, calf milk replacer instead of cow’s milk. Let’s review the myths and the facts!

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Optimal calf rearing starts with colostrum, followed by the right feeding of a premium calf milk replacer, access to fresh water and concentrate as well as a good housing and hygiene.

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We all know that cows are ruminants. However, a newborn calf (pre-ruminant) acts like a monogastric animal. The milk bypasses the rumen and flows directly into the abomasum by the esophageal groove reflex. So if you want your calves to become strong and high milk producing heifers, it is of high importance that the rumen starts developing as soon as possible, without limiting the energy intake in the first weeks of life! This is the challenge!

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Watch the videos of two young stock specialist to learn more on supporting calves during warm periods and prevent diarrhea in calves.

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A good start is half the work. This saying certainly applies to the newborn calves. The right strategy for colostrum management, the milk period and weaning ensures that young calves have a solid foundation for a long and productive life. Here 2 tips from our youngstock specialist Coco Bruyere.

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You may have read in the previous Kalvonews, that colostrum management, and the milk and weaning period are critical for a long and productive life. Here another 2 tips from our youngstock specialist Coco Bruyere. This time about how to prevent bloat and how to prevent a weaning dip.

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Find out more on feeding schedules and the importance of feeding your calves with concentrate and roughage.

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When it comes to calf milk replacers, the choice is huge. Nina Hennes, our research specialist, is convinced that each farmer needs to understand the quality differences of the powders to achieve optimal calf rearing. An essential nutrient for calves is protein. In this edition she answers the question: “Which source of protein is most suitable to feed to your calves?”

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Lactose is a disaccharide (sugar). Lactose is only present in milk and is composed of glucose and galactose. Mammals feed their offspring milk and young animals have the capability to digest milk directly after birth. On the other hand, newborn animals are not able to digest larger sugar chains (polysaccharides) such as starch. This is mainly due to a lack of digestive enzymes.

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Proper rearing of calves starts with a good dry period management of the cow. This is, after all, the basis of qualitatively and quantitatively good colostrum. But what is the definition of a good dry period?