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A calf is born with no antibodies against disease. It is therefore of life-saving importance that the calf be given as much colostrum as possible, as quickly as possible.

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Watch the videos of two young stock specialist to learn more on supporting calves during warm periods and prevent diarrhea in calves.

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A good start is half the work. This saying certainly applies to the newborn calves. The right strategy for colostrum management, the milk period and weaning ensures that young calves have a solid foundation for a long and productive life. Here 2 tips from our youngstock specialist Coco Bruyere.

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Find out more on feeding schedules and the importance of feeding your calves with concentrate and roughage.

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Proper rearing of calves starts with a good dry period management of the cow. This is, after all, the basis of qualitatively and quantitatively good colostrum. But what is the definition of a good dry period?

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When asked which is best, a teat or a bucket, Sjaak gave a clear response: a teat. “The calf has to work hard at obtaining its milk. In addition, the posture is better when drinking from a teat, so the risk of powdered milk finding its way into the rumen is reduced.”

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A new-born calf is vulnerable. It has no natural antibodies and during the first few weeks the calf’s own immune system is still insufficiently developed to fight off infection in the intestine (diarrhoea) or lungs (pneumonia).

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Good-quality colostrum contains antibodies in the form of immunoglobulins, abbreviated to IgGs. Thanks to their ‘life history’, older cows deliver better-quality colostrum. But the antibodies are not the only elements that make colostrum a unique product.

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Dairy farmers with a milking robot can quickly milk the cow, for the first time. “But remember hygiene!” emphasised Erwin. “Make sure the dump bucket is clean or clean the dump bucket carefully if it has not been used for several days.” It may contain a residue of milk from another cow.