Meet the team: Sales manager Remmelt Jan Arends

We meet our colleague Remmelt Jan Arends. In his position as Sales Manager EMEA, he is responsible to represent the Nutrifeed brand and for the sales of our products in Europe, the Middle East and a few countries in Africa. In this interview he tells us more about his work and what is so great about working at Nutrifeed.

How did you end up at Nutrifeed?
Near the end of my study period, I started to actively search for a job within the agro and food industry. I have always been active in this sector and wanted to contribute to the production of food. Before I started working at Nutrifeed, I met Symon de Jong -my predecessor- several times at agricultural fairs. He knew that I was searching for an appealing job, and invited me for a chat at Nutrifeed. Multiple conversations later, it all started. Before I started working at Nutrifeed, Symon said to me: I will introduce you to the customers and learn you the tips and tricks of sales, not knowing that Symon would leave the company 4 weeks later.. luckily it all worked out!

What is your role within Nutrifeed?
Within Nutrifeed I am responsible for the sales in the EMEA region, Europe, the Middle East and a few countries in Africa. The job is of course much wider than just sales. It involves a lot of customer focus, product development and adapting to legislation and changes in the market. E.g. discussions regarding GMO or Non-GMO, maximum usage of zinc, the possible ban of palm oil. All challenges whereas we try to adapt as good as possible together with our partners.

What is your previous work experience?
Honestly said, this is my first job after graduation of university. I was always working within the animal husbandry sector. In between studies I worked one year at Agrifirm Feed, as a product manager. And before that, we had a sow (800) and broiler farm (80.000) close to home, I was always active here. A lot of my friends come from the farm and a bit of help is always appreciated, be it in the grass, help milking the cows or catching poultry during the night.

What do you like best about your job?
I get the most energy the moment when I notice that we can a difference with our support and/or with our products for our distributor or a farmer. I aim to improve our sector as much as I can. In my job I have the opportunity to travel a lot, and therefore I see a lot of differences per country and per farm. It feels good to improve the way of living for the animals and for the farmer.

What is the biggest challenge in your work?
The biggest challenge is the old way of thinking. In my perspective a lot has changed, especially in the past centuries in the agricultural sector. The way things were been done, are not always the best.. A lot of people within the agro world a proud of their heritage and past, which I understand! Nevertheless, sometimes it is difficult to change the current behavior or thinking. Even when it might be better for the animal and the farmer.

What do you like most about working at Nutrifeed?
The things I like to most within Nutrifeed are our close group of colleagues and the international environment. Everybody has the same dot on the horizon, to offer our partners the highest quality. I believe in product excellence. Eventually the product will sell itself. Nutrifeed is well known, has a strong brand worldwide and is recognized for its quality. I am proud of that!