Plant Nutrifeed now officially non GMO certified

To anticipate on market dynamics and future regulations, we fully transitioned our production facility to non-GMO. The majority of our products already didn’t contain any GMO ingredients. We believe that we can be more successful together when focusing on our strength: creating value from dairy. And by this, bringing new, safe, high quality and innovative products to the market. On top of that we see more and more opportunities to differentiate with non-GMO products and become more sustainable.


As of 1 May 2021 our production location at the Lage Landstraat 7 in Veghel, is certified as GMO-controlled, using the GMP+ FRA MI-105 certification scheme. This certification scheme was developed in collaboration with, and is acknowledged by the VLOG (Verband Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik) organization.
This means that no raw materials from GMO origin are used in our production process and we have a system in place to check and monitor all our suppliers and raw materials on GMO contamination.

No change in products

For all our products applies: this certification has no effect on composition and quality. This certification is on top of our existing GMP+ FSA certification, so all our products are of the same high quality as you are used to receive from us. The non-GMO certification is a logical step towards a future proof portfolio and business in which differentiation is an important factor.


For questions, please reach out to your sales manager or contact us via the website.