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The biggest difference according to Jan is that “the calves now suffer far less from diarrhoea. They are given milk of a constant quality and always at the ideal temperature. For the Van der Werff family, it was standard practice for more than thirty years to feed cow’s milk to the calves.

When it comes to calf milk powders, the choice is huge. Nina Hennes, part of our Research & Development team, is convinced that anyone who looks closely at the rearing of young cattle must understand the quality differences of the powders

In selecting a milk powder, the essence is the growth and health of the youngest calves. For the past three years, dairy farmers have also been able to select a milk powder that contributes to airway health: CAIR. ‘With Kalvolac CAIR, the calf has 33% fewer ­problems involving airway infections,’ is the conclusion of Research & Development ­specialist Hans Maas at Nutrifeed, after studying practical trial reports.

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