The best start for all calves

“A healthy and productive herd makes all the difference”

Dairy farmers worldwide are challenged to work to increase efficiency. In creating a profitable farm, a healthy and productive herd makes all the difference. The foundation for a healthy and productive cow is established in the initial period following birth. Farmers are aware that they have only one chance to utilize the full growth potential of a calf.


Kalvolac Milk Replacers

are  premium milk replacer, for rearing calves which can be used directly after colostrum.

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Kalovolac CAIR logoKalvolac CAIR®

are premium milk replacers containing the unique ingredient CAIR®. The ingredient CAIR® supports the respiratory health of the calf.

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Health support products

To get the best our of every bag of Kalvolac, Nutrifeed offers a range of supportive products for calves. These supportive products contribute to a healthy start in life. The best start is the basis voor a better future.

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The best start for a better future

A calf needs a good colostrum supply, attention to hygiene and housing. Add the best nutrition to this and you have  all the ingredients to successfully rear a dairy cow.  Everything has to be right from the beginning to rear a dairy cow!

Kalvolac calf milk replacers give calves a head start which benefits both calf and dairy farmers, now and in the future. It is tasty, highly digestible and contains special ingredients which naturally support the health and resistance of calves.

Kalvolac helps ensure efficient, ­problem-free rearing with less disease and less work for the farmer. It contributes to the essential development of calves which results in highly productive dairy cows.

The worldwide challenge is how to produce high-quality milk,
in a sustainable way.

 While lifting calf health and farmer’s profitability.
Kalvolac benefits on all these levels. The infographic below will explain this in more detail.

premium calf milk replacers

Kalvolac calf milk replacers are a Nutrifeed product. Milk ingredients of the highest quality, produced by the most dedicated farmers in the Netherlands are the basis of our milk replacement products.

The same strict safety requirements are applied to the production of Kalvolac as to consumer products, such as baby milk powders. Each step of the production process includes intensive quality control, which guarantees that every bag of Kalvolac calf milk replacer is of consistently high quality.

With a bag of Kalvolac

Dairy farmers get premium feed and Nutrifeed’s years of experience, knowledge, and effective innovation in the rearing of young animals.

In close collaboration with veterinarians, distributors, and farmers worldwide, we continue to develop and improve our products and services. That way, we support farmers in making their farms more profitable, now and in the future.

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