Diarrhea is a debilitating disorder that leads to discomfort and delayed growth in calves. In the worst case, it can even result in mortality. Dehydration through diarrhea has a huge influence on the wellbeing of the calf. Diarrhea prevention is therefore of vital importance and is the keystone to problem-free rearing of successful dairy cows.


Diarrhea, a common problem

Diarrhea can be caused by a disturbed protein or fat digestion of dietary diarrhea. But diarrhea can also be caused by infectious diarrhea.
By recognizing the difference between infectious and nutritional diarrhea in your calves, you can respond quickly and effectively to diarrhea problems.
Diarrhea can be caused by bacteria (E. coli, salmonella), viruses (rota, corona) or parasites (cryptosporidia, coccidia). Rota and corona infections, which generally occur during the first month of life, can in turn lead to parasitic disorders such as cryptosporidia. A calf with diarrhea should be treated as soon as possible. Every calf with diarrhea needs extra moisture and sufficient energy. The housing and bedding should be dry, clean and warm. In consultation with your vet. you can investigate the causative agent for a beter treatment.

Watch the video of Ger van Wersch, previous young stock specialist for Kalvolac, explaining which steps to take in case a calf has diarrhea. In addition he also shares some practical tips how to prevent diarrhea in calves.

Did you know that,

  • A 40 kg calf needs 6 litres of fluid intake a day?
  • It is of vital importance to offer fresh water to a calf in a drinking tray, from day 2?
  • A calf with diarrhea can lose more than 5 litres of fluids?
  • Damage to the intestinal wall from diarrhea means that fewer nutrients can be taken up?
  • Colostrum plays a key role in tackling diarrhea.
  • Nutrifizz®supports recovering after diarrhea!
  • If diarrhea regularly recurs on your farm you can request our Diarrhea protocol!

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