Calf rearing across the border: New Zealand

Do you know how calf rearing is organized in New Zealand? Our distributor Farmlands has made some great videos about the whole process of picking up and handling calves until weaning and reaching weight targets. You can find them here.

In addition to their interesting videos Farmlands also executed a feeding trial in which two different groups of calves were fed on different CMR feeding rates. The result of the trial shows that the trial group that were fed a higher amount of CMR, did an average of 110 grams more of growth per day compared to the control calves. In addition also health and behaviour improved of the trial group with less incidences of and navel sucking, shinier coats, more settled behaviour and less incidences of animal treatment interventions required throughout the rearing process.

The table below shows the feeding protocol and the obtained growth result.

Check out Farmlands website to learn more about their business in New Zealand.