CAIR®: helps with the prevention of airway problems

In selecting a milk powder, the essence is the growth and health of the youngest calves. For a couple of years, dairy farmers have also been able to select a milk powder that contributes to airway health: CAIR. ‘With Kalvolac CAIR, the calf has 33% fewer ­problems involving airway infections,’ is the conclusion of Research & Development ­specialist Hans Maas at Nutrifeed, after studying practical trial reports.

Preventing diarrhea and airway infections

As a dairy farmer, you do everything you can to ensure your calves grow as fast as possible during the first weeks of their life. High growth rates during this period are known to result in a healthy and productive life as a dairy cow. With that in mind, young calves can best avoid diarrhea and airway infections. By giving Kalvolac CAIR, you – the dairy farmer – are not only focusing on high growth rates but also providing protection against airway infections via the milk powder. “Herbs, spices and essential oils have been used in producing Kalvolac CAIR, that help keep the airways healthy,” explained Hans Maas, adding that CAIR is exclusively available as part of the Kalvolac milk powder range. “CAIR is a combination of Care and Air, referring of course to caring for the airways of your animals.”

Hans Maas
Development ­­specialist

Extensively tested at trial farms

The ‘recipe’ for the ingredients in CAIR has obviously not been made public, but Maas was able to reveal a number of the ingredients: eucalyptus, mint, ginseng, ginger and oregano. “It’s a ‘black box’ of components that encourage enzyme activity and improve digestion.” Before CAIR was placed on the market, it was extensively tested at trial farms. “We observed 33% less ­problems with airway infections and 33% reduced consumption of medicines for airway ­problems,” explained Maas, offering two obvious advantages.

For all milk powder systems

Not only the effect but also the use of Kalvolac CAIR has been extensively tested. “It can be used in all milk powder systems,” explained Maas. “Whether you feed your calves twice a day by bucket, or via an automatic drinking machine, Kalvolac CAIR does not go lumpy; it always dissolves perfectly.”’

CAIR innovation

Our CAIR® milk replacers contain the unique ingredient CAIR, which supports respiratory health. CAIR is a blend of herbs and essential oils that contribute to the natural cleansing capacity of the lungs and free airways. Learn more about our CAIR innovation.

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