CAIR®, helps with the prevention of airway problems

As a dairy farmer, you do everything you can to ensure your animals grow as fast as possible during the first weeks of their life. High growth rates during this period are known to result in a healthy and productive life. With that in mind, young calves and goat kids can best avoid diarrhea and airway infections.

By giving a milk replacer with CAIR®, you – the dairy farmer – are not only focusing on high growth rates but also providing protection against airway infections via the milk powder.

Herby smell

Herbs, spices and essential oils have been used in producing Kalvolac  that help keep the airways healthy.

As a result, your animals experience less discomfort with breathing and they need less medication for the respiratory tract. The intake of roughage and concentrates also increases.

  • Supports a healthy respiratory tract and optimal breathing.
  • Contributes to healthy growing, thanks to an optimal concentrate intake.
  • Contributes to a reduction of antibiotic use related to respiratory health.


Proven better results with CAIR®

Research with calves shows that, when calves are fed with Kalvolac CAIR for 8 weeks, coughing is reduced by 33% and less medication is needed. In addition, roughage and concentrate intake increases by 15%.

The result of healthy calves? Strong and healthy cows, with a higher production and higher longevity. For you this means more pleasure in your work and a higher efficiency with less young stock on farm.

“The calves are growing beyond expectations. Especially in a critical period like autumn, I barely had lung problems. Now they have an optimal respiratory health and grow better. A good start is half the game, because a healthy calf will bring you so much more. “

Theo van Dinther, dairy farmer in Oss (North Brabant, The Netherlands) about Kalvolac CAIR.


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