Cleaning and disinfecting calf accommodation in six steps

A hygienic work approach prevents ­problems and eventually saves time. Time the livestock farmer spends cleaning and disinfecting pens and equipment is repaid with ­problem-free rearing. All-round the best outcome!

  • remove all loose parts such as drinking buckets and feed basins
  • clean the pen as far as possible, removing straw and any manure
  • apply foam cleaner to the individual pen or igloo. Follow the instructions for the standing time and concentration
  • clean the pen with a high-pressure cleaner. The foam will help remove any stubborn dirt
  • leave the pens and equipment to dry before disinfecting
  • disinfect the equipment with a product effective on viruses and bacteria (such as cryptosporidiosis and coccidiosis). Following disinfection, rinse out buckets and feed basins.



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