Read about the experiences of fellow dairy farmers and our young cattle ­­specialists in the field.

Milking a healthy and strong heifer starts with the healthy rearing of young calves. Germ, Wietske and son Sietse de Boer stick closely to the rules on rearing young cattle.

In El Salvador farmers also use Kalvolac to obtain the best results in their calves. Our distributor ASEAL asked one of the farm managers why they have chosen for Kalvolac.

Eline Antonides, dairy farmer in The Netherlands: "Tasty, healthy milk powder guarantees high growth rates and less diarrhea". The saying ‘Well begun is half done’ certainly applies to calf rearing. At their farm, nothing is left to chance.

Jan van der Werff, a dairy famer based in Ravenswoud in Friesland, switched from cow’s milk to calf milk replacer around two years ago. The biggest difference according to Jan is that “the calves now suffer far less from diarrhoea. They are given milk of a constant quality and always at the ideal temperature.”

At the Schouten family farm, around 150 calves are born every year. Gertie is a dedicated carer, who focuses huge attention on the colostrum, and uses CAIR milk powders from the very start. “Not because we have experienced problems, but because we only want to give our calves the very best. They are after all our future.”